In Caulis, our mission is to create a human-centric and cross-platform protection network to fight cyber attacks. We build technologies to solve real-world problems and we excel at dealing with new challenges. We value teamwork as well as individual development. We share knowledge and our working status openly. Our organization stays flat, moves fast and aims to maintain these startup characteristics even as we grow in size.

Now, we ask you to join this mission, to create a secure world so people can utilize the internet safely from any devices, and enjoy the online services without the fear of being hacked. We need your help to build this world with us.

This is a paid internship position in Caulis. We expect you to have basic knowledge of computer science data structure and algorithms. You know a least one programming language and is willing to learn another. You can speak either English or Japanese. You will be trained and work as a full-stack software engineer along with our team members. If you want, you will learn how we build our web service infrastructure to support millions of traffic with a low latency, how to monitor and make the service reliable, and how to manage, test and deploy the service automatically. You will help in the product development, test the product, and create related technical documentations. We are looking for multiple interns to join for this position, so please don’t hesitate to apply. After the internship, you may be offered a full-time position if qualified.

The following knowledges/skills are not required, but any of them is a strong plus to apply for this position.

  • Java or Python or JavaScript
  • SQL
  • MVC web framework e.g. Django, Flask, etc
  • Unit test / Continuous Integration / Browser testing
  • Git