Cybersecurity for the connected world.

Our Product


FraudAlert is a leading real-time risk-based fraud detection platform that protects businesses from account takeover, malicious logins, account farming, illegal monetary transactions and phishing attacks.


Human behavior centric

Our proprietary risk-based fraud detection engine collects hundreds of user behavior data points over time to create a user behavior profile. When a user is trying to access an online account, the engine performs various risk assessments within 200 milliseconds to help our clients to make decision in real-time.

Security as a service

We provide our security solution as a cloud service. It takes days instead of months to plug and play our service. Furthermore, a labeled blocklist or whitelist by one of our clients into the cloud service can benefit other clients instantly.

Transparent analysis

Unlike many black-box analysis solutions in the market, our explainable AI provides a transparent, human-understandable risk assessment solution to empower our clients to understand what’s really going on and be able to explain to the end-users.

Board of Directors

  • Atsuyoshi Shimazu
    Atsuyoshi Shimazu Founder & CEO
  • Hironori Zoda
    Hironori Zoda Board Member
  • Nov Matake
    Nov Matake CSO

Corporate Info

Company Name: Caulis Inc.

Founded: December 4, 2015

Headquarters: 4th floor, Otemachi Bldg., Otemachi 1-6-1, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1000004 Japan

Representative Corporate Executive Officer: Atsuyoshi Shimazu (Founder and CEO)